The Day After

Ok, so last night was my first attempt at using Twitch.  Three things I’ve learned.

  1.  Game volume is way too loud, can’t hardly hear anything I am saying.
  2.  What am I saying? My commentary needs a bit more polished & meaningful!
  3.  I need to put more time playing games!

If you did manage to watch it live or watch the replay’s be sure to let me know what you think.  I will be constantly looking to improve the entertainment value!

DunkFodder on TWITCH



To quote Mario…”Here we go!”

I hope everyone has their chairs in the upright position and your seat-belts are completely fastened.  Check that pulse because The DunkFodder will be going live on TWITCH!

DunkFodder on TWITCH

With any luck this won’t be too painful!

Tonight’s viewing will be the original DOOM!

XBL_DOOM-1 doom_arcade360

As a bonus I fired up some DOOM II!

I am excited for the new DOOM release and am ready to go kick some hell-spawn butt!

Check out the new DOOM trailers here:

Gamer’s Delight

Hi everyone,

I will be adding more content shortly to this awesome website I’ve started.

There was a small hiatus after such a successful Movember!  My goal will be to put at least one to two posts a week!

If you follow my Twitter @The_DunkFodder you will see I am a big fan of #FreeCodeFriday  I love gaming and have won several FREE games just from Twitter.  These people are awesome and you can win the games too!  Just keep an eye on my posts and you’ll see how to win!

Also I have a $10 Microsoft Store gift card to give away coming to my readers!  Stay Tuned…

So let’s start things off right with a poll!


Welcome to #MyMoStarter










This Movember I’ve decided to make this fun for everyone and launch my own crowd-funding donation campaign!

I call it #MyMoStarter Check out these amazing donation rewards from me to you!


  • $10.00 donation – You are awesome and I want everyone to know.  I will be posting my thanks to you on Facebook for your donation to Movember!
  • $20.00 donation – NOM NOM, who wants a homemade Chocolate Mo?
  • $30.00 donation – Receive a Mo-Transplant. I will photoshop my moustache on to your face for you to share with your friends!
  • $50.00 donation – I will send you an autographed picture of me and my MO!  #furrycaterpillar
  • $100.00 donation – I will record a dubsmash with my awesome MO and post it on facebook. (Must be reasonable and considered moderately good taste)
  • $200.00 donation – I will send you an up close & personal star wars trench run style film exploring my amazing Mo!
  • $500.00 donation – You get ALL rewards listed prior to this one!

To donate, visit mymospace and click the  “DONATE TO ME‘ button.

Thank you everyone helping me to support this amazing cause. I can’t wait to start handing out some of these awesome rewards for #MyMoStarter .

Let’s have some fun with this and kick cancer in the ass!



Welcome to Movember 1st!

dfmWelcome to the first day of Movember!

Where the men are clean shaven and the women are happy!   There is a long 30 day journey ahead for us this year.  Soon all the Mo’Bro’s will be sporting a hairy caterpillar on their faces.  Some will keep it neat and tidy, while others will go completely out of control!  However you gro your Mo, I salute you and all the Mo Sista’s.  This is our month to show the world we can make a difference.

This is my 10th year participating in Movember and I am proud to say that I can finally grow a moustache.  Yes I will still look like an out of work porn star of French decent, but that does not matter.  In the previous 9 years I have raised over $9,000 towards raising awareness, improving men’s mental health, and fighting cancer.  I am happy to continue to fight the good fight.

I extend this invitation to all the Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s out there to join my team, DunkFodder’s Mo’rauders!  (You don’t even need to grow a Mo to participate – ask me how!)  Whether you Mo or you Move or you do both, we want you!

My personal donation goal is $1500, I am hoping that with a strong fortified team we can hit over $5000 together!


Join me in making the world a better place! #Movember @MovemberCA


DF BLOG – Day One Edition

Here we are today…in the Future… October 21st, 2015!

(Photo Credit: Back To the Future)

Welcome to; Official home of the DF Blog!

This is my blog and there’s probably lots like it but one thing the others will not have is the little bit of DunkFodder I’ll be sprinkling on everything I do here.

What is DunkFodder you ask?  Well, if you look it up in the dictionary you’ll find absolutely nothing.  DunkFodder is my own brand of humour, satire, and opinions.

I am a thirty-something Canadian family man who enjoys spending time with my kids, my wife, movies, tv shows, video games, and pop culture. I am also an avid runner who has shredded off over 100lbs.  I have survived several harsh winters in Northern Ontario and it doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving anytime soon.  Chances are anything on this site will most likely relate to one or all of those topics.

As you can see, I have some categories listed in the menu.  These will most likely update and change as my short attention-span demands it. (Squirrel!!!). In other-words, always keep an eye out for new content.

So sit back, enjoy my words of wisdom, ignore the bad grammar my wife missed during editing, and get accustomed to my unique brand of humour.  I hope you will enjoy this site and continue coming back for more updates!

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @the_dunkfodder and on the DunkFodder blog Facebook Page; check out my meaningful or meaningless photos on Instagram; and lastly, tune into my infamous YOUTUBE channel.   All these wonderful social buttons can be found on the right side of my website.

Just wanted to toss a quick shout out to my friends at The Rusted Robot Podcast for having me as a guest on their podcast and for encouraging me to get this blog site up and running!

I end this first official blog with a quick poll for my newly founded DunkFodder’s-Blog Readers Association (D-BRA).