To quote Mario…”Here we go!”

I hope everyone has their chairs in the upright position and your seat-belts are completely fastened.  Check that pulse because The DunkFodder will be going live on TWITCH!

DunkFodder on TWITCH

With any luck this won’t be too painful!

Tonight’s viewing will be the original DOOM!

XBL_DOOM-1 doom_arcade360

As a bonus I fired up some DOOM II!

I am excited for the new DOOM release and am ready to go kick some hell-spawn butt!

Check out the new DOOM trailers here:

Gamer’s Delight

Hi everyone,

I will be adding more content shortly to this awesome website I’ve started.

There was a small hiatus after such a successful Movember!  My goal will be to put at least one to two posts a week!

If you follow my Twitter @The_DunkFodder you will see I am a big fan of #FreeCodeFriday  I love gaming and have won several FREE games just from Twitter.  These people are awesome and you can win the games too!  Just keep an eye on my posts and you’ll see how to win!

Also I have a $10 Microsoft Store gift card to give away coming to my readers!  Stay Tuned…

So let’s start things off right with a poll!