Welcome to #MyMoStarter










This Movember I’ve decided to make this fun for everyone and launch my own crowd-funding donation campaign!

I call it #MyMoStarter Check out these amazing donation rewards from me to you!


  • $10.00 donation – You are awesome and I want everyone to know.  I will be posting my thanks to you on Facebook for your donation to Movember!
  • $20.00 donation – NOM NOM, who wants a homemade Chocolate Mo?
  • $30.00 donation – Receive a Mo-Transplant. I will photoshop my moustache on to your face for you to share with your friends!
  • $50.00 donation – I will send you an autographed picture of me and my MO!  #furrycaterpillar
  • $100.00 donation – I will record a dubsmash with my awesome MO and post it on facebook. (Must be reasonable and considered moderately good taste)
  • $200.00 donation – I will send you an up close & personal star wars trench run style film exploring my amazing Mo!
  • $500.00 donation – You get ALL rewards listed prior to this one!

To donate, visit mymospace http://mobro.co/dunkfodder and click the  “DONATE TO ME‘ button.

Thank you everyone helping me to support this amazing cause. I can’t wait to start handing out some of these awesome rewards for #MyMoStarter .

Let’s have some fun with this and kick cancer in the ass!



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